Commercial Exterior

November 22, 2013 in Commercial Painting by admin

commercial exterior

In the heart of Delaware Valley, at the town of King Of Prussia, is a unique building that stands out in its unique brand of appearance. Michael Byrne Painting was brought in to evaluate cost impact of different coating systems. This was to determine which system would provide the best coating for their budget. We used our relationship with local manufacturer representatives to set specifications and manufacturer warranties.

Matching the buildings color scheme was important to the owner because of the “one of a kind” branding. Michael Byrne Painting restored the existing sun faded colors to their original luster.

We have trained staff and certified operators to utilize our high reach equipment. On this job, the ability to access high elevations in a safe manner was imperative. Specialized high reach equipment was used to accommodate the terrain and high elevations around the building.

The owner of this Montgomery County establishment could not have the business interrupted during their work week from 9am to 6pm Monday through Saturday. Michael Byrne Painting is willing to work with our customers to accommodate tough schedules by working flexible hours. All goals were reached in a timely fashion with no impact to their business.

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