Meadowbrook Farm Historical Home Tour

November 22, 2013 in Commercial Painting by admin

Meadowbrook Farms Interior

Delaware Valley has its fair share of Historic Residence. Meadow Brook Farm has its property on tour and is also rented out for special occasions. Bringing this property back to its Historic Originality was our goal. Historic restoration is time consuming but the results are captivating. The property received severe water damage to the ceiling and surrounding areas of Living Room. Among the areas damaged where plaster ceilings, faux marbleized crown molding and wood grained finishes of historical value. We were consulted to restore to the original finishes in all aspects of the job.

Michael Byrne Painting Company’s standard procedure is to evaluate and protect the environment, such as floor, furniture, antiques and belongings. In order to protect the remainder of the home, all entrances were sealed off during the duration of the job. The ceiling was opened up to assure that the area was dry and free of mold. We then restored the plaster ceiling to its original finish.

Matching of colors and faux finish styles were very important to the owner in order to maintain the historical value. We at Michael Byrne Painting have the ability to provide sample boards of the colors and faux finishes to assure they blend with the original affects and colors. Trained artists and faux finishers were used to obtain the continuity between old and new finishes. The result is a seamless flow of undetectable difference.

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