Montgomery County Exterior Residential

November 5, 2013 in Residential Painting by admin

Montgomery County Exterior Residential


In the Town of Wyndmoor, Montgomery County lies a unique home with individual challenges to be met. The goal of this residential paint job was to properly restore all surfaces to accept coatings for a long lasting paint job. We understood, by the age of the home that all necessary precautions had to be taken to protect the environment and manpower from the potential exposure to lead paint. Michael Byrne Painting is a EPA lead Safe firm that provide our employees with training and keep them up to date regarding the latest Environmental Protection Agency standards. Each job has a RRP, Lead Safe Certified leader, which promotes safety throughout the job.

In our preparation of the job, a light wash was used to remove dirt and contaminates followed by scraping and sanding back to tightly adhered paint in order to apply new coatings. We caulked around window and doors to cut down on air infiltration. We replace damaged or rotted trim to bring it back to its original integrity.

We consulted with the owner on colors to replicate the historical value and to ultimately provide customer satisfaction.

Safety and the ability to access certain areas is always a concern. We determined on this job that the least disturbing to landscape and the safest for personnel was to access approximately 50% of the home from a 90’ boom lift. All men are trained and certified in the operation of high reach equipment.

Our company provides a foreman for each job that provides leadership in sequencing of job, communication with customer and overall quality control of the job. We provide a final review with the home owner to assure satisfaction.

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